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Hello everyone! My name is Francine and I am very excited to debut my first book – The Successful Gal – The Entrepreneur’s Hand Book – Start Your Own Business for under $200.00 and get on the web. It was a lot of hard work but it’s finally finished!

I am excited for you to take this new journey with me at The Successful Gal. We are hoping this will become a portal for all your needs. A place to laugh, a place to be inspired, and a place of new and innovating products that can help you in your career.

I am hoping to inspire women, real women not the TV and media portrayal of women, but real everyday women trying to live our lives and be the best that we can be. I am hoping to help them to achieve their personal success.

The reason I use the term personal success is that my definition of personal success and your definition of personal success are probably very different and unique as they should be, everyone’s is.

I am sure you will come away from this inspired, refreshed, and hopefully full of new and creative ideas with some new directions in which to take not only your life, but your career as well.


Here is to your Heath, Happiness, and Personal Success!



The Successful Gal focuses on empowering women in a positive way for “Health, Happiness & Personal Success.


Francine is the founder of (focusing on the Women Entrepreneur) , (focusing on all Successful Girls) and debuting our new site.

The Successful Girl will debut our new portal where you can easily create your own web presence  with blogs, e-commerce and websites.  You can customize designs and include videos and photos!  It easy and made just for you!

Be sure to visit–  For Fun, Active, Creative, Thoughtful and of course Successful Moms.



About Francine

Francine Schill is a business owner, entrepreneur, speaker and author of The Successful Gal–The Entrepreneur’s Hand Book. She coaches women on starting businesses on a budget and leveraging the power of the internet for business success.

Francine owns G&G Motorsports Marketing LLC. and is the founder of The Successful Gal. Her company motto is “Strive For Perfection, Settle For Excellence.”

One of her passions is to inspire women to do their personal best and go for it. She wants to give them the tools and advice they need to get them going in the right direction and start their own business. “The Successful Gal is dedicated to health, happiness and personal success,” Francine says. “I use the term personal success because we all have our own definition of what success means to each of us.”

Francine’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur, and business and marketing consultant help her share valuable lessons she learned to reach her own goals, as well as the tools and strategies she leveraged to get there.

As the founder and owner of G&G Motorsports Marketing, a full-service agency that Schill has run successfully for nearly a decade, she has worked in some of the nation’s most popular racing series, guiding race car drivers and corporate brands through the processes of business planning, web design, marketing, collateral development and more. As the economy has changed, her business has evolved to overcome market challenges. Additionally, Francine has skillfully helped her clients navigate the downturn.

In her spare time, Francine enjoys art, the beach, boating, books, traveling and–most of all–time with her family.