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Job Hunting – What do I do now?

Job Hunting – What do I do now?

With all that is going on currently in the world, the economy is front and foremost on everyone’s mind.   It’s a scary time for all of us.  I was going to name this “The Economy and Looking for a Job” but have decided not to use the “E” word anymore.   

Those that are trying to find jobs are finding that it’s a tough market. You put in your resume and for every one resume you put in there are hundreds more put in for the same job that a year ago would maybe see ten to twenty resumes.  So what is one to do?  Well of course you check the online job sites.  

While I do believe that Career-builder is easier and better then Monster the biggest problem I have with them are all the adds that are mixed in that are pretty much scams. They say a small investment may be required.   And not only that, if you register with Career Builder those same companies can send you emails as if they are legitimate businesses looking to hire.    You can find legitimate jobs on there, but if any job says that there is ANY type of fee involved, RUN away! 

Now you get someone out there that is desperate and has been in the job market for a few months and they are going to try it. It’s a shame that they are even posted on such a site as a job when they clearly are not.  

There is a site called that I have recommended to quite a few people. It lists jobs that are posted throughout the web and you can customize your search. I find it to be more effective in finding jobs. Indeed is a search engine for jobs that has a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages – and they continue to add new sites every day.  But even with that site, you must be diligent and check out the postings. 

One tip if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  But a way to check is if you see a job listing posted is to do multiple searches on the company. If I am interested in working for ABC Company, or just interested in using ABC Company, I will search “ABC Company,” “ABC Company complaints,” ABC Company scams,” ABC Company rip-offs” and “Is ABC Company a scam?” You get the idea. When you are searching, check the links you click on to find reviews. Also be aware of bias: You may do a search and find a post that ABC Company is great, but the review is located on the company’s website. It’s a new trick some companies are using: They hire people to post positive reviews about them or their products on multiple sites. 

I guess one thing I would tell people when they are job hunting is not to lose faith; that when one door closes another one will open.  

The most important thing is to be positive and try not ( I know it’s hard) to be stressed.  Keep lines of communication open with your support group of friends. This is not a time to be embarrassed, let you friends know that you are having problems and that this is the time we need are friends the most. Having a network of friends and family helps us get through the rough times and you never know when one of your friends may have connections or know of a potential job that you would be perfect for.

Network, network, network…. you just never know who knows what and who can help.


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